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Moodulkorstnasüsteemid TONA ja Scancore

TONA a new generation of modular, with a modern HighTech-Ceramic siselõõr is resistant to all types of fuel. High quality HighTech ceramic chimney systems will increase the reliability and are easy to install. The advantage of the high operating temperatures - up to 600 ° C. Exclusive materials, optimal design and installation of suitable conditions provide TONA flue pipe system warranty to 30 years. SCANCOR modular is a secure, easy to install and durable chimney, which is suitable for all woodburning heating equipment: stoves, ovens, fireplaces and sauna heaters. SCANCOR chimney blocks are produced from volcanic lava, which ensures reliability of the chimney even at high temperatures. SCANCOR chimney system is suitable for gas and oil heating. SCANCOR stack blocks warranty is valid for 10 years. Offer please e-mail: Retail sales of building materials and design, and wholesale trade. Marketing of various products in Estonia. TASOSTAR-Commerce Rävala pst. 8. Tallinn. tel: 53090029 Sold in various building materials discount prices: building blocks, cement, insulation materials, building tiles, laminated wood products, PVC windows doors and window sills garaaziväravad. Chimney, chimney systems, chimneys, modular, modular, stack modules, Module chimneys, flue, flues, chimneys stone, stone chimney, damper, dampers.

Price: 99,00 EUR
County: Harjumaa
Category: Building
views: 12295
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Kasutaja: TASOSTAR
Kontaktinfo: Rävala 8, Tallinn 53090029

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