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Pakume Kivipuruplaati

Stonechip coated boards, facade boards and construction boards meant to be used in breathable façade solutions. Thanks to very good properties of a breathable façade and simple installation of boards is the best choice for a facade! Our product range includes all popular types of stonechip coated boards such as cement bonded particleboard, cement fibre board and magnesium oxide boards. These boards may be used as base boards for building facades and also socles, ceilings, balconies, eaves soffits, wet rooms, firewalls, production and agricultural buildings. In addition to stonechip coated boards we also offer painted cement bonded particle boards, cement fibre boards or magnesium oxide boards or boards treated with fire retardant coating or any other agent required by the client. facade boards and socle boards are cement bonded particleboards coated with natural stonechips. www. buildingmaterial. ee mobile: +372 533 33 164 (Est, Fin, Rus, Eng).

Price: 15,00 EUR
County: Harjumaa
Category: Building
views: 23288
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Kasutaja: TASOSTAR
Kontaktinfo: Rävala 8, Tallinn 53090029

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