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Technorattan Standing out from the crowd is what everybody wants and few ever achieve. Creating a unique interior design in all its details is one of the most spectacular ways to do this. It unites the demonstration of your extraordinary personal taste and a possibility to design a perfectly comfortable living space. Simple words that are hard to fulfil. Rattan is a material you may meet in all the world class designers’ portfolios. This is a kindly material giving numerous possibilities to create functional and dissimilar atmosphere to anything around. Due to its unique characteristics, rattan things may take any form. It all depends on how far your fantasy goes. Physically technorattan (or artificial rattan) is similar to plastic ribbon. Its core is supplied with a silk thread, which is the reason why rattan doesn’t tear or untwine. Technorattan ribbons may vary in textures and colours. Advantages: Technorattan is non-toxic and nature-friendly (100% recyclable). It perfectly imitates the texture and feeling of its natural analogue being much stronger, flexible, water-, temperature- and UV-proof; isn’t affected by germs and fungi. Technorattan doesn’t require special maintenance or storage conditions. It may be used both inside and outside the house throughout the year without losing its usage characteristics. Wickerwork should be dusted off with a soft brush without aggressive detergents. mobile: +372 533 33 164 (Est, Fin, Rus, Eng). TASOSTAR-Kaubandus Rävala pst. 8. Tallinn. tel: 53090029

Price: 25,00 EUR
County: Harjumaa
Category: Gardening
views: 11358
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Kasutaja: TASOSTAR
Kontaktinfo: Rävala 8, Tallinn 53090029

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